Hurried, Worried, and Buried

Are you “bouncing off the walls” busy?


An Chinese proverb states: We hurry, we worry, we bury.  

Over-stimulated to Apathy? “When stimulation comes at us from every side, we reach a point where we cannot respond with much depth to anything…" 

“Bombarded with so much that demands our attention, we tend to…shutdown our attention to everything.”  Richard Winter. Still  Bored in a Culture of Entertainment

Urgent! PARE down, or you’ll WEAR down!

When we are crazy-busy and about to snap, the result is inefficiency, irritability, and ill health. Does your whole life feel like an emergency? Even doing too many “good” things can crowd out life’s best and most important priorities. 

The following principles will help you achieve balance while striving for personal, family, and professional success: 

  1. Pare down, or you’ll wear down!
  2. Take time for your physical health
  3.  Take time for your mental and spiritual health

Take time for your physical health: NUTRITION

Caffeine, sugar, and alcohol rob the nervous system of real strength and lead to fatigue, cravings and addiction.  High fiber vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole grains provide energy, calm the nerves, and improve mental clarity.

Take time for your physical health: EXERCISE

Daily exercise reduces anxiety and fatigue and increases energy, both mental and physical. 

Take time for your physical health: REST

Chronic lack of sleep swamps your system with stress hormones and saps physical and mental energy. 

1.Establish a sleep routine

2.Slow your evening pace

3.Leave media alone at night

4.Don’t eat late

5.Nix caffeine and alcohol

Take time for your mental health 

Mentally refreshing diversions like hobbies, social time, reading, and recreation are like mini-vacations for your brain and body.  Positive connections with others improve mental, physical, social, and spiritual health. 

Take time for your spiritual health

God wants you to trust Him to guide you safely through life’s busy  challenges. Spiritual health is at the center of a balanced lifestyle.